Sustainable City Challenge 2022

How do we create a more sustainable and healthy city?

Sustainable City Challenge 2022

Dates: Sept. 27 to 30 and Oct. 7, 2022

In cooperation with: Goed op Weg, Merwedelab, UCo - Utrecht Community, CABLab, Energy Student, Earth Valley, Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Utrecht, ROC Midden-Nederland and Municipality of Utrecht.



Why this challenge?

How do we ensure that the city remains liveable? That there is a green and healthy environment where people meet, learn, work, but also exercise and relax? And how do we ensure that we reduce the pressure on the climate, that we also become a sustainable city?

It's time to make yourself heard. How would you like to persuade people to travel more sustainably, exercise more and work or study more consciously? What would a greener and more sustainable city look like to you?

You choose to work on one of five themes during this challenge:

  • sustainable mobility
  • a circular city
  • more energy-efficient living
  • a healthier neighbourhood
  • a green environment

Sign up now for this challenge to design solutions for a healthier and more sustainable city, together with other students from Utrecht University, ROC Midden Nederland and Hogeschool Utrecht.

Why you?

We would like to hear from you what the city should look like in the future. What do you need to live comfortably in the city? How do you think we can offer people more opportunities to live healthy and sustainable lives? And what kind of city would you like to live in later?

Why sign up?

During this challenge, you will explore with other students and experts ways in which we can live and work in a healthier and more sustainable way.

- You will work in an interdisciplinary team of students from UU, ROC MN and HU
- You will get the latest insights on health and sustainability and learn more about design thinking, future scenarios and concept development
- You work on concrete sustainable and healthy solutions, for yourself and for others.

What's the outcome?

At the end of the challenge, you will present your ideas to the organisations involved, such as the university and the municipality, as well as to experts in the field of sustainability and health, such as RIVM and Goed op Weg.

With the most valuable useful ideas, they look for a way to take them further and try them out.

Sign up for participation

If you want to participate in the Sustainable City Challenge 2022 (or if you have any questions), please use the form below!

    About the Sustainable City Challenge

    With the Sustainable City Challenge, we challenge student teams to think about a more sustainable and healthy world and come up with concrete solutions that we can use in the city right now. Many organisations are already working on these themes, such as the RIVM, Utrecht University and Hogeschool Utrecht.

    In 2020, the first edition of this challenge took place. Nearly 140 students then worked on solutions such as pocket parks for more peace and quiet, an energy campaign for residents, CO2 awareness for travellers and circular coffee cups.

    Watch the aftermovie of the Sustainable Campus Challenge 2021 for a brief impression of what happens during a challenge.

    Sustainable City Challenge 2022

    Dates: Sept. 27 to 30 and Oct. 7, 2022

    In cooperation with:  program Goed op Weg, RIVM, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University, ROC Midden-Nederland and the Municipality of Utrecht.

    Sign up through Sept. 23!


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