We organise challenges in which students and organisations work together to solve social issues in the Utrecht region

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About UCA

The Utrecht Challenge Alliance is an alliance for open innovation that aims to find regional solutions to social issues in collaboration between businesses, public organizations, governments and educational institutions. Within challenges students, professionals and citizens work together on these issues, leading to new insights, knowledge development and concepts for innovative solutions that contribute to healthy and sustainable urban living.

The Alliance is committed to working with organizations and public-private partnerships to identify concrete innovation questions around social issues. In cooperation with educational institutions to ensure that students can play a role in answering these questions. To help ensure that sustainable solutions can emerge from this co-creation.

What is a challenge

The challenges that the UCA is committed to are short innovation processes in which interdisciplinary teams work intensively with citizens and professionals to design innovative solutions to social issues.
The programmes focus on challenge-based learning on the education side and are intended to contribute to open innovation in the Utrecht region.

Watch the aftermovie of the Sustainable Campus Challenge 2020 for a brief impression of what happens during a challenge.

Recent challenges

Next challenges

The following challenges that are going to take place are listed below. Sign up before the deadline to participate in the challenge. As soon as information is available it will be updated here.

May 2024

Healthy Living Challenge 2024

More information soon

September 30 to October 4, 2024

Sustainable City Challenge 2024

More information soon

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Recent challenges

Our website is currently still under development. Soon the information of the challenges that have been organized by us in the past will be displayed here.

Sustainable City Challenge 2022

Sustainable City Challenge 2021

Living Apart Challenge 2021

Sustainable Campus Challenge 2020

Sustainable City Challenge 2023

Dates: October 2 to 6, 2023

In cooperation with: Goedopweg, Utrecht Natuurlijk, CABlab, Province of Utrecht, Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Utrecht, ROC Midden-Nederland and Municipality of Utrecht.

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